Why are we called KNOX?

2020 is the year of our 10th anniversary. So it's about time we revealed the answer to the frequently asked question of what KNOX actually means.

The incentive for our name came from Jostein Gaarder and his book "Sophie's World", a novel about the history of philosophy. Alberto Knox is one of the main characters who stimulates Sophie to think for herself by means of asking numerous questions and referring to the teachings of great philosophers, encourages her to question things and to make the right decisions.

Because of our fascination for this book the name of our company was already in place, long before it became apparent what KNOX would actually become: a hub of experts to lend support to the printing and packaging industry as strategic partners. But in the end it fitted perfectly as we see our task as corresponding exactly to the things that  Alberto Knox did:


Asking the right questions, contributing the relevant know-how and putting our business associates in a position to make and realize future-oriented decisions.

And that is what we want to do in the next 10 years ...

Many thanks to all our business partners and associates and the dedicated network in our branch.



Your KNOX team


Was braucht der Mensch,um ein gutes Leben zu leben?

(Alberto Knox)

Wer weiß,was richtig ist,wird auch das Richtige tun.

(Alberto Knox)