Knox – business- and Recruitment consultancy

We can tackle challenges, withstand pressure, package solutions correctly and lend expression to your strategy. The KNOX team consists of specialists from different backgrounds who all have one thing in common: their experience and interest in the printing and packaging industry. So our business and recruitment consultancy is totally focussed on your branch, on the requirements of your company and on your demands as an entrepreneur.

Successful in business consultancy

Looking for new perspectives is what counts. Although specialized consultants may be highly competent in their individual areas, the key to real success lies in the ability to maintain an overall view of the complete range of processes. That’s why KNOX provides its clients with a well-coordinated team of experienced consultants, each specializing in a different aspect of your business. This means that you profit from the close cooperation and constant exchange of experience within the team – and have the advantage of receiving all your consultancy sevices from a single source.

Reliable in recruitment consultancy

Top class executives and specially trained staff in all positions make all the difference. But looking for the ideally suited printing or packaging specialist takes up time and resources which could be used more profitably for your core business. So just leave the laborious process of selection to our experts. In contrast to traditional recruitment consultancies we also support your staff through coaching or interim managers to achieve the maximum commitment of your team.

We keep you on track

Relying on our consultants’ in-depth knowledge and professional versatility will prove to be a clever move. Below is a list of some of the international clients who we have already stimulated with fresh impulses and who we continue to counsel activel.